I’ve spent the past few months building a device that isolates the space between my mouth and the microphone, blocks external sound, and ensures high quality voice recording. There’s nothing on the market like it, perhaps because it’s so damned heavy and expensive to make. However, it’s done, and it defies the normal expectations of “small space recording”–since the box itself occupies about 2x2x2 feet internal volume.

(Oh, and I also put sound-dampening foam around my entire office. That’s one of the better investments I’ve made.)

I also now have a full outline of a three-book sequence of the story. Most of the work has been combining characters after realizing I don’t need the level of complexity I had. Then, I went ahead and finished outlining where I wanted to “end up” at the end of these three books. With that target in mind, it should be much easier to draft up the full sequence, get beta readers to give their impressions, make revisions, and then ultimately launch the full 3-episode/book-sequence on several platforms before the end of 2022.

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