I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that yesterday I received notice of a revision request for a big paper I’ve been working on at a top strategic management journal. This is something that I worked on for three years before the initial submission, which was in July. At the top management journals, it is very rare to get the first submission invited for “revise and resubmit,” but here we are.

The bad news is that this likely means I’ll have less time to work on the audiobook.

As it stands, I have now added 14 segments to the narrative, made myriad edits, and created what I believe is a much more compelling story. The last time I took a little break, it gave me a lot of insight because of a fresh perspective. This is from beginning to solicit feedback on September 8 and working over a two-week period. This is the reality when you’re writing amid minor lulls in your “day job,” and it may be that these sorts of short sprints are the way to go in shaping this narrative into its final form.

I am looking forward to being in more frequent contact with this blog and posting more updates, even if they are more concise.

Until next time—


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