It ain’t pretty, but here are some of the ideas I’ve been kicking around to muffle/eliminate extraneous noise while I am recording.

First, we have the headgear. Not sure this is gonna fly. It’s really hot inside there—this is foam mattress topper material.

Then, there is this little microphone box. This seems more promising. I made this from one of those little organizer boxes from Target, essentially cardboard covered with woven fabric. I drilled some PVC board to hold the mic stand, and hot-glued some foam panels I got from Amazon to the sides.

After adding some elevation and connecting the box to me, maybe with me shrouded in one of those old-school photographer’s cowls like they used when cameras were the size of shoeboxes, and we might be good to go.

Yeah, I thought about connecting that headgear to the box, but I’m not sure that’ll work well. We will have to see.

This sure beats spending hundreds or thousands on a sound booth or manufactured foam sound shields mounted on a tripod or whatnot.

Let’s see if it works.

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