It’s been a few weeks since the power went out across much of Texas. The inside temperature of my home reached 32 degrees Fahrenheit and we had to jump ship to the inexplicably-always-on neighborhood of my in-laws, hoping that nothing broke in our absence. There was little we could do, in any case.

Now that the university where I work is on Spring Break, I return to you, dear reader, for an update.

I’ve been hard at work doing some final polishing on the version of The Range: Cry of the Desert that I’m planning to send to an agent. The manuscript has changed so much since I sent the early version to my Kickstarter backers (95% of whom were personal friends) that it’s virtually a new story.

In any case, thanks to help and insights from my talented and long-suffering (and encouraging!) editor, Tyler, I’ve got a working version of my query letter and synopsis to send to my preferred agent.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ve got an agent in mind, and I’m just about to send a message to them. Fingers crossed.

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