Here we are. It’s been a few days since I finished and sent the book and audiobook to my Kickstarter backers, but I completed on time, as promised.

Now, the next step is to revise the manuscript according to the advice of two of my trusted editors. I’ve been working on that over the past day, in between working on the research / teaching that pays the bills. (Side note: One of the mistaken impressions is that tenure track faculty don’t work over the “breaks” in academic calendars. Not so.)

In any case, I plan to finish what I need to fix by the end of January, and then publish on Amazon, in text form, and ACX, for audiobook format. The great thing about publishing on Amazon, I’ve discovered, is that you give up no rights to publishing elsewhere in the future as long as you recorded and wrote everything yourself (which I did), rather than relying on a producer affiliated with Amazon.

Publishing on Amazon takes care of the distribution and copy protection problems, and it makes a lot more sense than trying to sell individually through my own website.

More updates to come.

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