Some days, it gets exhausting. Like today. It’s good, it’s fun, but it’s exhausting.

There’s some glitch in the Voice Recorder app on OSX that distorts the sound at random times. This means that I have to check and often re-record several minutes of audio after crossing my fingers and speaking into the microphone, thinking everything is going just fine.

The one saving grace of this flaw is that if it affects the entire segment, it doesn’t just crop up in the middle of an otherwise good segment of audio. So, at least it doesn’t force me to scrutinize every single millisecond of the mp3 for distortion. I can randomly check somewhere along the wave and figure out whether there’s a problem.

#audiobookprobs #thingstheydon’ttellya

In any case, here’s the summary, below. So far, 3.71 hours of recorded audio, in order, spot checked for major errors for the first release on January 1.

I still need to finish up segments 4.2 and 4.3; I’ve been putting that off until last because there’s something I might change in the text of those segments. We’ll see–I’ve got a very limited timeline before this release.

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