Lemme tell you, when you’re trying to get the audio files right, each minute of recording and editing can take 20 or more. As it stands, I’ve got almost 49 minutes recorded, and that’s roughly 19% of the text that needs recording.

I’m using iMovie because of its shallow learning curve and the fact that it’s already on my MacBook. However, iMovie has its own quirks. Every single cut requires a manual fade out/in to avoid sounds being laid over one another. This sound duplication glitch is apparently supposed to “help” the average iMovie user but it certainly doesn’t when you’re trying to precisely exclude the first take to make way for the second.

But this is something that is not possible to change, apparently, so the workaround is to fade out the first clip and fade in the second so there are a few milliseconds of silence to correct for this.

ANYWAY…one fifth of the way there, and 3 days left until the start of my deadline.

4 days, I suppose, if I interpret “I will release by January 1” as concluding before that day ends.

My backers might not mind if I am delayed a few days, but a commitment is a commitment, so I’m doing my damndest to hit that Jan. 1st target.

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