I heard once, not long ago, that everyone has to be “the hero of their own story”. This wasn’t in reference to a book or written narrative, but the story of one’s own life. Without the notion that we are the protagonist in our own life’s narrative, we might have less confidence to pursue the kinds of things that make that narrative take shape in a form that is truly beautiful.

If I didn’t listen to Brandon Sanderson’s words about what it takes to craft a fiction narrative, and realize that it’s really just a few simple steps, carefully and methodically applied over many years, or Stephen King’s words about how–to his mind–writing a story is like extracting a fossil from the earth and seeing what it looks like when you dust it off and polish it up, then I might never have begun writing my own fantasy fiction story.

We have to believe that things can take a turn for the better, and that life can be interesting enough to allow us to pursue things that we might have deemed too crazy, too outlandish to consider, at one time.

That’s one core motivation that keeps pushing me onward, at least. A good book on writing is listed at the bottom of this post.

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