Hey folks! I’m happy to report that the Kickstarter campaign for the first installment of this fiction universe is off and running, and in fact, it’s 88% funded! I set a modest goal of $421 for the first installment because it’s a meaningful contribution to the high costs of copy editing and this kind of freelance artwork I’ve been commissioning over the past several months.

If you do want to support the campaign, any amount is appreciated, and copies of the book itself are available for $11.00


In any event, I thought you might like to see the most recent draft cover art from Jesse, my artist. Like I said, he knows what he’s doing. The goal is to have a close-up view of the character (this is Decimus, if you’ve heard the draft audio), looking up through his eyebrows at the “camera”, and with some decorative art in a semicircle above him that resembles the tendrils of energy along the Range.

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