So, it’s been a little while. I’ve been moving and unpacking, and haven’t found much time for this little passion project of mine. However, I’ve made time to interact with my freelance illustrators here and there.

Here are the initial drafts from Freelancer A. I like their simple, straightforward interpretation, but I wanted a little more “ruggedness”, as it the map were drawn by someone living in the desert/cliff side landscape of the world in which the story takes place.

Keeping scrolling for Freelancer B, whose work I think matches my own vision a lot better.

See what I mean.

First draft from Freelancer A
Second draft from Freelancer A

Now this, below, is Freelancer B. Much different style, and it works better for me.

Current draft from Freelancer B

I’m having Freelancer B make some modifications, but the conceptual work was such a good interpretation of my rough sketches and long, detailed explanations that I plan to work with this person over a series of projects.

Really. Just look at the detail on their rough sketches of the cliff side and the cabins, and the later interpretation of the energy barrier, itself.

Energy barrier ideation

Cool, right? More rugged and raw than the hexagonal version from the very first set of concept drawings I solicited weeks ago.

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